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Coffee Attempts

I started keeping track of my coffee making attempts with a goal of replicating Carport Coffee’s coffee. Here is my journal.

SUNDAY, May 31, 2020

notes: I made a little vanilla mocha ice coffee :)

It’s ok — definitely could use some milk or other creamer.

SATURDAY, May 23, 2020

FRIDAY, May 22, 2020

notes: I have no clue what I had the grinder on before, but I expect it was a lot higher than No. 5. That took like 5 minutes to grind all those beans.

A No. 7 next time.

THURSDAY, May 21, 2020

notes: hmmmmmm

It certainly is a cappuccino

I’m uncertain about it.

notes: So.. I do have espresso and foam. It doesn’t smell bad. I forgot to put something between my scale and my cup so I’m a little concerned but it should be fine. It doesn’t exactly taste like their coffee. Mostly just tastes burnt. Which I have now realized is because I used the White Russian beans. In that case it tastes pretty good?

*notes:*Whelp I left it on the grind setting I used for the allspice, so I think it’s No. 5 though I forgot to keep the handle on so that the adjustments would be accurate.

I warmed up some milk in the small pan that Shelly gave me on the “warm zone” on the stove and tried to foam it with the French press but a las I was thwarted by it’s brokenness. I need either a new French press or a tiny zip zip milk frother. I would say that the making of the coffee was much more manageable since the water stayed in the brewer the whole time instead of spewing out, but I think I’ll try a No. 6 next time or maybe a No. 5 a second time since I’m not totally sure that was the actual grind size.

It is strong, but a little harsh. I think I want a very slightly larger grind size.

WEDNESDAY, May 20, 2020

notes: It smells good, that’s for certain. It was good, but I believe it could definitely go a finer grind.

notes: I tried filling it on an oven mitt for less heat loss. I think it worked? I’m not sure exactly.

TUESDAY, May 19, 2020



notes: that brew was pretty good, but I think I want it to be stronger, so a finer grind next time, the beans are very caffeinated, which is nice. Apparently I’m supposed to fill the mokapot to the top with grounds, so I think I want to buy myself a smaller one so I can make more espresso-like coffees.

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