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I kinda want to keep track of fonts that I think are cool, so I think I'll keep track of them in a list here.

Font books I might read someday:

  • Magyar Nemzet is an interesting super compressed display font that is inspired as a newspaper display font.
  • Nepsza Badsag is also quite interesting as a serif display font from the same site (Fonts for Freedom).
  • Guendem is another FFF display font that really vibes with
  • Source Serif seems like a great option for an alternative to Georgia for me that's free and opensource

Font Choice for

I really like the combo of Addington and Input Serif -- you can check the demo out at, though you won't see much since It's loading the local fonts I have on my laptop. If you download the demo of Addington and the private (free) version of Input Serif, you're golden.