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Inspired by Tom MacWright’s Recently posts, here’s what’s been going on with me!


I got my vinyl copy of Nothing Happens by Wallows on Thursday and I’m delighted :)

My favorite song in the album, Are you bored yet

I discovered Su Lee through kyuuwaii’s cover of Can’t Get Over You by Joji aka Pink Guy, which was fun. She is wonderful.


I don’t know when the last time I read a book was, but I have been itching for a reread of the Eragon series in order to read the first book in the sequel series.

I do spend a lot of time reading my many RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to in Feedbin. Here’s some of the articles I’ve read recently:

This is one of the reasons why I made this blog, but I’ve been slow to post to it, in exchange for fidgeting with the design.

I’m hoping that in the theme of zettelkasten I can post more useful tidbits of information that can be useful for both myself and y’all. I remember a post from Chris Krycho (do you see a theme here?) about using his blog as a public notebook, and I definitely vibe with that idea.


In November I stopped drinking coffee and soft drinks and started taking Vitamin D supplements and using the Rise sleep app to track my sleep in a non-didactic way, and I had a good experience. Carport Coffee is an active hindrance on this plan though. They have delicious coffee and take great consideration in their brewing and water filtration.

Moka pot with it’s lid open to see the coffee coming up the upper straw Recently I stole back my Moka pot and Mr. Coffee espresso machine from my friends and family and have tried my hand at perfecting an at-home cup of Carport blend coffee. I haven’t had the best of luck, since I have the cheapest hand-powered burr grinder possible — a JavaPresse. It was \$30 and better than a blade grinder, but terrible in global terms of grinders. Especially compared to a set of beautiful commercial-grade electric burr grinders. I’ve kept track of my attempts in []( and you can see them at [Coffee Attempts]( I bought a [Fuzion Digital Kitchen Scale 3000g/ 0.1g]( at the recommendation of [James Hoffman]( and it is wonderful! It is 0.01g accurate up to 500g so it is great for measuring coffee beans and baking with. I was able to make [Japanese milk bread]( at my friend’s recommendation and it was absolutely delicious.