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Rewrite 001

N.B. I totally forgot to finish this post, so I'll just leave it at this. I originally started this on 2020.05.31.215621

I’ve been cooped up at home for the past week — I had a covid-19 scare but it seems I just had a regular viral infection 😅. I had aspirations and plans going into quarantine in March, but I’ve not experienced this as much. I finally got the rewrite of my website up today though — I was inspired by Frank Chimero’s series about his experience rewriting his website. I took his concept of starting with:

p {
  font-family: Georgia, serif;
  line-height: 1.5;
  max-width: 33em;

I also moved the previous versions of my website to and a la Chris Krycho. I’m still serving my main site as so I’m not exactly doing this whole idea at the moment, but I think it’s a good first step. All of the posts from both previous iterations exist on this website anyways so I shouldn’t have any problems linking to previous posts. It’s mostly just nice to be able to see different snapshots of my site, even though I haven’t done much with it.