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College Music Live College Music Live on the Wayback Machine

#spa #music #entertainment

A single page app for a lo-fi radio business, allowing their listeners to use a more enjoyable venue to access their stream than the regular youtube live page.

Kinlu Kinlu on the Wayback Machine

#landingpage #energy

Kinlu homepage

Helped take a website design from wireframe to production Wordpress site, communicating with designers and copy editors.

G-Power G-Power on the Wayback Machine

#landingpage #energy

Totally overhauled a neglected Wordpress website into an updated and accessible design that loads in half the time and cut costs to host in half.

Addison Crump - A Record of Projects, Ideas, and Experiences Addison Crump - A Record of Projects, Ideas, and Experiences on the Wayback Machine


Redesigned my friends blog, helping him move from Gitbook to a custom design using Zola for the site generation.

Pastries By Grey Pastries By Grey on the Wayback Machine


Designed a landing page for my brother's fledgling baking business. This ended up being more of a passion project than actually being used, but it was an enjoyable venture in learning about CSS grid and setting up data api's and such.