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Caleb Jasik /portfolio

You can find my work history at /resume

Astro Astro on the Wayback Machine

#ssg #web-framework #opensource

As of August 2021 I am a core maintainer of Astro, a framework for building websites that use the full power of component libraries like React and Vue but with the power of partial-hydration and progressive enhancement by rendering all components to HTML & CSS at build time and selectively including the necessary css for each component as needed - basically a fancy version of how I made this page in Hugo + <script type="module">!

This is a bit out of place in a portfolio, but I'm excited about it so I'm including it!

College Music Live College Music Live on the Wayback Machine

#spa #music #entertainment

A single-page app for a lo-fi radio business, giving their listeners a more enjoyable venue to access their stream. Created a custom API for the site hooking up Spotify and Odesli into a streamlined song search -> song links API perfect for the use-case we needed.

Kinlu Kinlu on the Wayback Machine

#landingpage #energy #launch

Kinlu homepage

Worked with a team of designers and copy editors to take a website design from wireframe to production WordPress site. I added copy text and implemented page designs from the client's designers.

G-Power G-Power on the Wayback Machine

#landingpage #energy #redesign

Overhauled a neglected WordPress website into an updated accessible design that loads in half the time and cuts hosting costs in half. Took the core of the WordPress website design and reimplemented it in the new medium of a statically generated website via Hugo. Tailwindcss and Netlify were my main weapons, in addition to writing semantic HTML.

Addison Crump - A Record of Projects, Ideas, and Experiences Addison Crump - A Record of Projects, Ideas, and Experiences on the Wayback Machine

#blog #redesign

Redesigned my friend's blog, helping him move from Gitbook to a custom design using Zola for the site generation. Provided a custom theme, font choices, and full transfer of all of his original writing.

Pastries By Grey Pastries By Grey on the Wayback Machine

#bakingshop #landingpage

Designed a landing page for my brother's fledgling baking business. This ended up being more of a passion project than actually being used, but it was an enjoyable venture in learning about CSS grid and setting up data APIs and such. I also managed to design this website without javascript, even the menu menu simply uses HTML anchors, scroll-margin-top, and CSS media queries to dynamically show/hide the menu on mobile.